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CEO Message

CEO Message

Dear Students,

As we are in the world of liberalization, globalization, and privatization, information technology science is being seen as the necessary requirement, science has done a Lot. It wanders in every aspect of human life; human development is also a keen part of science. Technology has been expanded in a vast area where anyone can get prosperity. Technology made everyone near and near process of vast period of time been demolished by the technology. In the world of Technology the first step towards learning this art is to gain the basic knowledge. Basic concept should be clear and vast one who steps down in this field. We are running such an institutes in which we focus on various courses and fields. We have an enthusiastic staff that always helps and keep their keen interest to teach the students. We are fully devoted in the field of computer software, hardware, beautician, fashion designing, vocational courses and many more. We are sure that all the students participating in the courses will make the best use of the programs offered, facilities provided and opportunity created to them. I am quite confident that you will address yourself to the tasks of learning with tremendous sense of involvement and come out successful with flying colors in your cherished Endeavour. We are sure that this organization Sarva Computer Shiksha Abhiyan will be beneficial for the students. We make student’s strong pillars for their lives. We encourage them, and enthusiasm them so that they may brighten their future. Someone said. “Study and meditation is must”. So we focus on both. We teach them and make them to focus on it and make them to meditating on it also.

Mr. Ranveer Singh Arora
Founder & CEO

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